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Welcome to PrivacyPolicyGen.com. This is a work in progress, and we're working hard to make this a solid free hosted privacy policy generator and tool for webmasters across the globe. Beware though, functionalities are currently very limited as we work on this project...


Indeed, there are certain aspects of a website that should be common to all sites on the internet. One of those features is the Privacy Policy or Privacy Statement. For a variety of reasons, each and every website on the internet requires a page that clearly discloses whether any private information is gathered, and subsequently, what is done with that information. The intentions of web owners must be communicated to their users. And, whether website owners believe that they are or are not gathering private data is irrelevant. In fact, the seemingly innocent act of reviewing the site's statistics can be construed as a violation of privacy because IP addresses are collected.

Further, when users submit their email addresses in order to obtain newsletters, coupons, upgrades to purchases, and in order to participate in discussions or leave comments, they must be told how their email addresses will be used. Likewise, when companies pay website owners commissions for sales originating from their sites or email lists, the companies will require a privacy policy to notify users about potential cookies. Basically, disclosure of and transparency in use are crucial aspects of the internet, and every website should abide by the rules.

But what we found is that many website owners do not know what to put in their privacy statements. They have no clue what to say and do not know how to word the pages. Often, they neglect to add the pages to their websites specifically because they do not know what to write. So we thought we could make things easier by offering a service whereby we generate and host your privacy policies. We know that you want your websites to adhere to the strictest standards, but we also know that your focus is making money. And creating your privacy policies takes time away from making sales.

Fortunately, by using PrivacyPolicyGen.com, you can quickly create a relevant privacy statement and you can store it on a reputable host, knowing that it will be available twenty-four hours a day, every day of the year. This free service is brought to you in collaboration with "We Are Not The Agency", a premier online marketing services provider, and “yxxxy.biz”, a quality web hosting provider from Europe. Together, we felt that we could make the most difference in honesty on the internet by providing web owners with this simple-to-use tool.

Having sold you on the concept, however, it is now necessary to state that we are still in the BETA stages of our progress. The site is not quite ready for public use while we finesse and tweak the programming required to make this a smooth process for you. But rest assured that once we launch, you will be happy we did.

We should also mention that when we do go live, we are not legal experts, and as such, cannot attest that your specific privacy policy meets the necessary criteria for your type of business. As with most other aspects of your business, it would be prudent to have an expert review the generated privacy policy to ensure that you comply with all rules and regulations of the industry in which you conduct business.

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The privacy policy generator was built to help people create and host their own privacy policy for free with us, a reputable hosting company. Have we succeeded? We like to think so!

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This tool was developed in part by "We Are Not The Agency", a premier online marketing services provider.

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